You can get signed and/or personalized copies of my books through my local independent bookstore, Papercuts J.P.

Just email them at and include:

—your name
—your phone # so they can call to get your payment info
—who to personalize it to (plus anything else you want me to write in there in my deeply terrible handwriting)
—if it's Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, which edition you want, e.g., the yellow revised edition or the movie tie-in edition with a bunch of nice movie-related bonus material at the end

They will then mail you the book. Or if you live in the Boston area you can just stop by and pick it up. And maybe bump into me as I am signing the next batch of books! Please don't literally bump into me though. I know I probably don't need to specify that but there's always one guy who wants to ruin it for everybody. He just goes around bumping people and then yelling, "HAR!!" Guy, chill. We get it.