THE HATERS is my most recent book. It is the story of Wes, a shy, conflict-averse bassist who hates on all music in a desperate attempt to discover the music that can't be hated on; Corey, his hothead drummer best friend who also hates on everything but possibly just because he's a huge hater; and Ash, the way-stronger-willed-than-either-Corey-or-Wes guitarist they meet at jazz camp. She, like the boys, hates jazz camp. So she convinces them to run away and go on tour with her. It's sort of great. But it's also a complete disaster.

It will be published in April 2016 in the US and Canada by Amulet Books and elsewhere in the world by many other publishers (Allen & Unwin in the UK and Australia and New Zealand). In a starred review, Booklist called it "uproariously funny ... very of-the-moment ... Effortlessly readable, deeply enjoyable, and, given the years since Andrews' fantastic debut, well worth the wait."

Here are some alphabetized ways I recommend buying this book right now if you are not near an independent bookstore. But if you are near an independent bookstore, just go there. You'll make some friends and get some great books and help fend off a future in which humans have become the catatonic hyperconsumers depicted in Wall-E. What are you talking about you haven't seen Wall-E. Goddammit. Okay, go see Wall-E first.